Taranis’ Ultimate Throttle Safety (OpenTX)


Everybody knows how dangerous a spinning prop can be. You learn to respect them or suffer the consequences. It is prudent to take precautions. It is smart to:

  • When at the field, powering your model is the last step before a flight, and unplugging the battery is the first thing to do after landing.
  • Stay clear of a moving propeller. When hand launching, keep fingers and other body parts away from the propeller.
  • Remove the propeller from the motor before working on your model.
  • Configure a throttle arming switch on your transmitter and check that your motor is disarmed before turning on your transmitter.

This quick tip, I will show how to configure a switch on your Taranis to disable your motor and propeller. To arm the motor will not only require a switch to be activated, but will also require the throttle to be at its minimum (throttle stick all the way down). I use switch SA which is the switch right above the throttle/rudder stick. I chose this switch because to arm the throttle, you must take your had off the throttle stick.

If you haven’t already done so, downloaded and install OpenTX Companion.  For instruction on how this is done, visit OpenTX University.

  1. Logical Functions – Configure two functions as follows. The first [L19] will detect when the throttle stick is at its minimum (full down). The second [L20] will detect when the throttle arming switch [SA] is activated and check that the first function [L19] is true and the throttle stick is at its minimum. If it is not, the throttle will not arm until it is.
  2. Special Functions – If you want the throttle arm state to be announced, create two Special Functions to play when the state of the [L20] changes.
  3. Curves – Create a two point Curve to be used when the throttle is disabled.
  4. Inputs – Create a second throttle state in the inputs tab. The top state will disable the throttle by using the Curve just created above and be active when Logical Switch [L20] is false (or !L20 is true). The second throttle state will be the default and used when the throttle is not disarmed.

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